Four HUMAN-AI collaborative research projects funded in 2021

After the successful call for projects in 2020, early this year the HUMAN-AI alliance program announced a second call for collaborative research proposals. Four excellent teams across the participating institutes were formed and their projects will be funded by the alliance program for a maximum budget of 5,000 euro. Below are the details of the projects.

Project 1: Autonomy of decision in intelligent dietary intervention systems

Researchers: Baptist Liefooghe (UU), Yvonne van der Schouw (UMCU), Banu Aysolmaz (TU/e), and Chao Zhang (UU)

Project 2: The impact of long-term interaction with a social robot on human autonomy

Researchers: Ruud Hortensius (UU) and Peter Ruijten-Dodoiu (TU/e)

Project 3: Do People Perceive Robots as Intentional Moral Agents?

Researchers: Maartje de Graaf (UU) and Minha Lee (TU/e)

Project 4: MagicToy to help children with motor skill impairment

Researchers: Albert Ali Salah (UU) and Ben Schouten (TU/e)


You can learn more about the projects by attending the HUMAN-AI Symposium 2021 on June 30.

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